Accepted - Ban Appeal Ahzrukhal's Punishment Appeal

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Mar 20, 2021
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Displayed Name: Ahzrukhal

Prompt #1: Punishment Location
Game Servers

Prompt #2: Punishment Type

Prompt #3: Link to offense

Prompt #4: Do you believe this punishment was unfairly placed?

Prompt #5: Please list any and all alternate Steam accounts that can possibly be linked to you, along with an explanation of their relation to you.
Sensitive Information
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Prompt #6: Why do you believe this judgement should be reversed?
The ban was made back in 2014, I was 17 at the time but going through rough times in life. I was dumb, had emotional problems and was skipping school regularly. I was basically micspamming over someone else while they had erotic fanfiction of some sort playing, I think it was MLP or Harry potter related, which I took issue with at the time. I was starting my own mic spam each time they did theirs to interrupt them. I got muted or gagged or something, I forget. Pretty sure it was temporary, but I was angry. I argued with the mod who did this, though I don't remember if this was on their steam profile, in the server, or in a community discussion. I literally said the words "please permanently ban me from the neonheights servers". I think this was out of anger and some sort of misguided defiance. My ban reason is listed as "lamer" and I was banned by "Roudydogg1" so this was possibly the person I argued with. I'm a very different person from who I was then, having graduated from highschool and worked for several years now. I'm pretty embarrassed by the whole thing, and my pettiness in the past, but wanted to play on the neon heights servers again after seeing the familiar minecraft maps in some youtube videos. I can assure you no such tomfoolery shall occur again.


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Dec 14, 2019
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Appeal accepted for the following reasons:
  • Putting in the time to appeal.
  • Time served (6 years!).
  • You definitely seem to have genuinely matured since the time of your ban. (And if this were to occur again, it will be proof that you have not, and you will be promptly re-punished)
Welcome back!
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