Forum Rules - READ FIRST!

Forum Rules. (Read these so you don't get caught with your pants down when you get warning points for doing something).

#1 - No spam. XenForo comes with built in flood prevention, but anything automatic has flaws.

#2 - Use the correct forum. Ban appeals go in the respective Ban Appeals forum, moderator applications in the Moderator Application forum, and so on. Please do not shitpost in any forums in the "Important" category, unless it is an Opinion Poll.

#3 - No backseat moderating. We have moderators for a reason. Please do not report a post unless it actually breaks the rules.

#4 - No violating real life laws. doxing, ddossing, phishing links, or posting material that would get you arrested for possessing in real life are all examples of things that are not tolerated on these forums.

If you'd like to get involved in the community, a good place to start is by voting and posting here!

Unsure what a rule means? Think one is missing? Further questions? Please feel free to reach senior administrators here:
Kwas (Steam | Forums)
Roudydogg1 (Steam | Forums)
NeonHeights (inactive) (Steam)
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    Dec 15, 2019
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