Forum Rules - READ FIRST!

Forum Rules. (Read these so you don't get caught with your pants down when you get warning points for doing something).

#1 - No spam. XenForo comes with built in flood prevention, but anything automatic has flaws. Do not attempt to spam, as it will not be tolerated.

#2 - Use the correct forum. Ban appeals go in their respective Ban Appeals Threads, moderator applications in the Moderator Application threads, and so on.

#3 - No shitposting in the "Important" forum catagory. Most staff members have notifications enabled for these, and do not want (nor need) to see it. "Opinion Polls" ARE an exception to this rule.

#4 - No necro posting. If a thread is over a year old without activity, leave it alone (exception: a thread is pinned).

#5 - No doxing/posting personal information. With the obvious exclusion of Moderator Application information, you should never be posting personal information on these forums, yours or not.

#6 - No phishing/hijacking site links.

#7 - No backseat moderating. We have moderators for a reason.

#8 - Do NOT abuse the report system.

If you'd like to get involved in the community, a good place to start is by voting and posting here!

Unsure what a rule means? Think one is missing? Further questions? Please feel free to reach senior administrators here:
Kwas (Steam | Forums)
Roudydogg1 (Steam | Forums)
NeonHeights (inactive) (Steam)
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    Dec 15, 2019
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