Forum Rules - READ FIRST!

Forum Rules. (Read these so you don't get caught with your pants down when you get warning points for doing something).

#1 - No spam. XenForo comes with built in flood prevention, but anything automatic has flaws. Do not attempt to spam, as it will not be tolerated.

#2 - Use the correct forum. Ban appeals go in their respective Ban Appeals Threads, moderator applications in the Moderator Application threads, and so on.

#3 - No shitposting in the "Important" forum catagory. Most staff members have notifications enabled for these, and do not want (nor need) to see it.

#4 - No necro posting. If a thread is over a year old without activity, leave it alone (exception: a thread is pinned).

#5 - No doxing/posting personal information. With the obvious exclusion of Moderator Application information, you should never be posting personal information on these forums, yours or not.

#6 - No phishing/hijacking site links.

#7 - No backseat moderating.

Unsure what a rule means? Think one is missing? Further questions? Please feel free to reach me at the following:
Steam (
These forums (
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    Dec 15, 2019
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