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Dec 14, 2019
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In this thread I will address some questions or topics we repeatedly have been asked about in appeals. Read this if you plan on appealing a punishment.

If your appeal was denied in the old steam discussions, you are NOT allowed to re-appeal! This is the same server network it was back then!
As a policy on our servers, when a player amasses 5 gags or mutes, they are permagagged, or permamuted, respectively. If you've managed to collect 5 mutes, you're probably not trustworthy enough to keep voice/chat permissions. Permagags and mutes can be handed out earlier for special occasions, such as breaking the rules over longer periods of times, or attempting to distribute malicious links in chat.

These CAN be appealed.
If your offence was not for cheating (and your appeal has not been denied in the past), it is a generally wise idea to wait a month or two before considering appealing again. In that time, check previous accepted appeals to see what we are looking for.
First, see Point 3. This is the only forum on the network for handling appeals (intentional). Do NOT private message a staff member to complain about the outcome, doing so will obliterate any chance of you getting another chance. We do NOT DO PRIVATE APPEALS!
No. Your account (and by extension, your IP) is YOUR responsibility. This is the stance Steam takes on the matter, and is the stance we will take on it. Please, do not bother saying "it was my brother on my computer at the time", or "I have never seen that account before". If we are presenting it as evidence, we know without a doubt that it 100% is you.
No. We do NOT list every offense, true, but you are expected to follow common sense while on the servers. You can't earrape (despite not being stated that you can't) because simply put: no one wants to hear it. Rules not being stated does not give you an excuse to act like a lawyer. Ask a staff member if you are unsure.
Because it's stated everywhere.
Only if you believe it was unfairly placed. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating otherwise.
No. Not only for the same reason as point 6. (your ip is your responsibility, including how you mask it, and it's also impossible to tell if it's a VPN or not), but a majority of people use VPNs to evade bans.
First, you MUST appeal and have said appeal accepted ON STEAMREP FIRST! This community does not have the authority to overturn SteamRep marks, so unbanning you before you have that appeal granted will just result in you being autobanned again.

These are subject to change at any time, and you are expected to know these before appealing!
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