MAP trade_minecraft_neon_v36

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Dec 14, 2019
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+ Fixed the basement faces and made them all open
+ Fixed various glitches within the map
+ Fixed the audio in the aether not playing evenly throughout the whole dimension. (Loud and quiet in some areas)
+ Fixed the shortcut from the spawns to the maze
+ Added a teleporter from the basement back to the spawns (Behind the skeleton face)
+ Added an aether portal behind the Ghast face
+ Added snow themed rooms behind the human face
+ Added small houses on the sides of each spawn
+ Added a train station
+ Added a new portal room with a downstairs private boxing ring
+ Added a new secret maze/parkour route
+ Added a small secret room
+ Added music to the END
+ Added a window between the two spawns
+ Added a shortcut through the trollmaze for people of half-size
- Removed the previous portal room and made access to the upper pool area availible for everyone
- Removed the upper bridge in the Nether
- Removed the area portal over the dirt maze and replaced it with a HINT brush for better optimization

Things that I forgot to do:

- Fix the respawn chests of certain doom
- Fix the Ice Wall not respawning properly
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