Invalid - Not Banned Toxic's Punishment Appeal

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Jun 4, 2022
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Displayed Name: Toxic

Prompt #1: Punishment Location
Game Servers

Prompt #2: Punishment Type

Prompt #3: Link to offense
N/A, as I don’t have a means of linking the offense

Prompt #4: Do you believe this punishment was unfairly placed?

Prompt #5: Please list any and all alternate Steam accounts that can possibly be linked to you, along with an explanation of their relation to you.
Sensitive Information
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Prompt #6: Why do you believe this judgement should be reversed?
I didn’t do anything at all. I wasn’t cheating or hacking, I wasn’t using exploits or glitches, nothing of the sort.

I was simply playing on Trade Minecraft #3 when I got banned with no explanation why. I then tried Trade Minecraft #2 as I really enjoy Neonheights servers but I was banned from that one too. This happened in the last 5 minutes, and from what I can tell, I’ve been permanently banned from every server… for no reason.

I’m hoping this is a big of some sort, as I genuinely do not have a single reason as to why I’ve been banned. All I was doing was playing Scout — it’s not even as if I was playing something like Sniper and headshotting people from across the map, and I wasn’t even topping the leaderboard.

Is there a rule on not being allowed to activate Doomsdays? Or a rule on not playing Scout?? I’m so confused, please help


Dec 14, 2019
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You are not banned from the official NeonHeights Servers,

nor is there any record of you joining an official NeonHeights Server,

Server #3 has not been online in about 2 years, so I can reasonably conclude you are appealing on the wrong network.

Upon checking alternate server chains that also run our map, I found you were banned from none of them;
Panda Trade

The only official NeonHeights Servers online have the following IPs, if the server you are trying to connect to does not have one of these IPs, it's not an official server; - Main Hub - Server #2 - Server #4

I searched the databases using the Steam account you linked to your Forum account, if this is not the account you were banned on you should make a new forums account with the correct Steam account.
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