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Jan 14, 2020
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Displayed Name: JakeFSF

Prompt #1: Please provide your profile URL.

Prompt #2: Please provide your age.
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Prompt #3: Please provide your Time Zone.
Eastern United States

Prompt #4: Approximate time you joined/started playing on our servers.
Nov 7, 2013

Prompt #5: Are you a donator?

Prompt #6: Please insert your SourceBans link.

The first of which was for using @all on the donator server and the second of which was for harassing other players via donator powers.

Prompt #7: Please insert your SourceComms link.

Most of these prior punishments were due to me overspamming on the mic and playing earrape spams, a few others were for disrespect to players, one was for excessive cursing, and one was for micspamming during party mode.

Prompt #8: Please include a link to your HLSTATSx page.

Prompt #9: Do you have any prior admin experience? Please be as detailed and specific as possible when listing/talking about the the places you have worked. Doesn't have to be gaming related! (If you do not post this stuff or if you don't simply say "there aren't any links", then we will simply not even consider your application).
In terms of gaming, I have been a staff member on a select few number of Minecraft servers; one in particular was named Ownedcraft.

Outside of gaming, I have also been a Section Leader, Drill Instructor, and File Sergeant in my high school's marching band. I have also been a Senior Patrol Leader in my old Boy Scout troop, and I have also earned the highest ranking in Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout). I have also worked as a cashier at a Wendy's restaurant.

Prompt #10: What times are you generally available each day/night; in other words, how much time can you dedicate to NeonHeights?
During my school's semester(s), I am generally available on weekends and whenever I have off-days. During the week however, I am likely to be available during the afternoons and nights, depending on the amount of work I have to do. Whenever I get a break from school, I will likely have more time to dedicate to the server.

Prompt #11: Please write a short description about yourself/why you would be a good choice for a moderator on our servers.
I believe that I would be a good choice as a moderator on NeonHeights' Servers because of my prior experiences of leadership and dedication. I believe that I am fair, honest, and caring in terms of communicating and dealing with others and I know when discipline is necessary when I am placed in a position of leadership. I will admit that I have made several past mistakes and wrongdoings on the NeonHeights servers, and I fully understand the punishments that I have received because of them. I believe that I have learned from my mistakes and I have improved from them, too. I understand that being a moderator on servers like NeonHeights requires holding certain traits such as leadership and dedication, and I believe that I hold these traits in good standing.


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Dec 14, 2019
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Displayed Name: JakeFSF
rejected on grounds of inactivity, player has not been on since last year
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