Accepted NessieSky's Moderator Application


May 7, 2020
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Displayed Name: NessieSky

Prompt #1: Please provide your profile URL.

Prompt #2: Please insert your SourceBans link. If you have any prior punishments, explain them in detail.

Prompt #3: Please insert your SourceComms link. If you have any prior punishments, explain them in detail.

Prompt #4: Approximate time you joined/started playing on our servers.
Sep 23, 2017

Prompt #5: Are you a donator?

Prompt #6: Please provide your age.
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Prompt #7: Please provide your Time Zone.

Prompt #8: Please include a link to your HLstatsX page.

Prompt #9: Do you have any prior administrative experience? Please be as detailed and specific as possible when listing/talking about the the places you have worked. Doesn't have to be gaming related!
"Assistant" rank considered by moderators and admins of mGen modern gaming. Yeah, it's not a lot, if it makes you feel better I was moderator for a Minecraft server under Black Sun (black beach alt title.)

Prompt #10: What times are you generally available each day/night; in other words, how much time can you dedicate to NeonHeights?
I usually hop on for about 7 hours, on a busy day for me 4.5~ hours, I admit I may sometimes fall off of consistency for my hours, but I promise to be as true to my capability as possible.

Prompt #11: Please write a short description about yourself/why you would be a good choice for a moderator on our servers.
Neonheights was the fallback-return for me to continue into TF2. It helped through some odd times and kept me consistently involved in an online community, albeit with hiatus' present. I have applied beforehand, when I was less experienced and mature, and I am willing to extend myself into a familiar environment from a new perspective. I know the people, the server and it's quirks, and i'm infatuated with the pull Neon has had on me and my friends as a constant in my life.

Note for the approximation; I apologize, but I can only guess as to when I first got into Neon. It's safe to say 2017, around the beginning, as that is vivid in my mind. However, I am confident in my experience with the server that I can remain on hand for whatever need be.