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Dec 14, 2019
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The following form has been filled out with an example of what should be seen in applications. Question Prompts #6 and #11 are made visible for sake of example, but know they are normally not. Prompt #12 was pasted directly from my 2015 application.

This is NOT A PERFECT APPLICATION. NO SUCH THING EXISTS! This should simply be used for reference if you don't understand what a prompt is asking of you, or if you have been asked to fix a question.

Displayed Name:

Prompt #1: Please provide your profile URL.

Prompt #2: Please insert your SourceBans link. If you have any prior punishments, explain each in detail.
SourceBans Link

Prompt #3: Please insert your SourceComms link. If you have any prior punishments, explain each in detail.
SourceComms Link
One from Rusty for overspam, another from Roudy for trollspamming.

Prompt #4: Approximate time you joined/started playing on our servers.
Dec 31, 2014

Prompt #5: Are you a donator?
Yes, Ex-Donator

Prompt #6: Please provide your age.

Prompt #7: Please provide your Time Zone.

Prompt #8: Please include a link to your HLstatsX page.
HLstatsX:CE Link

Prompt #9: Do you have any prior administrative experience? Please be as detailed and specific as possible when listing/talking about the the places you have worked. Doesn't have to be gaming related! - grandmegagodowner, - ran until I eventually had the time to make sm_effect/sm_unusual

Prompt #10: What times are you generally available each day/night; in other words, how much time can you dedicate to NeonHeights?
I am on every single day for at LEAST 2 hours.

Prompt #11: Please all alternate accounts.
abandoned alt,

Prompt #12: Please write a short description about yourself/why you would be a good choice for a moderator on our servers.
I would be a good choice for moderator on the NeonHeights network not only because I have prior experience with SourceMod management, and have previous experience with community management (see: #9) but because I have the work ethic to get work done once I am staff. I have been with this community since 2015 (where I started to become really active), and have seen many staff come and go. Seeing all these previous staff members go through their stages of activity, popularity, then subsequent inactivity has not only taught me how to be active in moderation (as to not get burned out), but what commands staff have, and what their proper syntax are. I understand that this position comes with powers, but those powers are not what I am applying for. Thank you, and I hope you consider me for NeonHeights Staff.
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